4 Smart Fashion Tips for Short Men to Look Trendy

4 Smart Fashion Tips for Short Men to Look Trendy

Dressing according to one’s body type is the key to style and comfort; it’s imperative that your dress fits flawlessly. You can highlight the best feature, no matter what kind of body type you’ve, without actually overdoing it. Here are some fashion tips for short men who wish to look trendy.

Most men are worried about their height and want to look as tall as possible; however, it’s something that they don’t have control of. So, it’s only obvious to take advantage of things that are in your control – for instance, you can control the look, attire you choose to wear in the way to perceive yourself. This guide will help you make the most of the height god has given you, and look your very best no matter what you opt to wear, be it clothes or accessories.

Choose Something That Adds Visual Length and Reduces Width

You should go for that style, which adds visual length, cutting some width. The single-breasted, either with two buttoned or three buttoned suits, offer a neat line and length.

Blazers and jackets should be kept slightly below the bottom-wear. Avoid pocket flaps and wide lapels. Too long can make the legs look shorter, while too short can cut the body in half. You can opt for straight cut and flat front trousers. If you wear smallest rise in the trouser, it can help to lengthen the look; make it a point to avoid bottom look empty or baggy. The regular collars and button down work the best, so buy the ones that are trim instead of the baggy ones.

Getting the Colour Combination Right!

Make it a point to keep a contrast between bottom and top; you can go for dark and bold colours to get slimming effect. The heavy pattern and thicker lines might not suit the shorter frame; avoid clustered and large patterns, instead go for neat and smaller prints. Vertical stripes can elongate the look and horizontal effect do not add good amount of height to shorter body types. Medium and light weight fabrics are best.

Try Designer Wear

You can get designs, and styles in various brands; Paul And Shark is a reputable clothing brand, which sells original designer wears that are easy to wear and maintain. The firm was established way back in 1921 and has grown from a start-up to an international firm. The innovative and creative designs and quality products make Paul and Shark standout from its rivals.

Go with Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes make you look taller; herringbone, intermittent stripes, and pinstripes are few options that you could look at. The blend of horizontal and vertical stripes in terms of plaid prints and checks is certainly not going to work. You can stick to solid coloured clothes, if you aren’t comfortable with pinstripes. Whatever colour or style you choose, it should fit your body well. If it’s hung loosely, it can make you appear short and chubby.

Accessorize Yourself!

Choose appropriate belt and ties; it is better to choose belts, which are adjustable, rather than those that come with holes. The narrow ties in diagonal patterns or solid colours look much better on short men.

The bottom-line is to choose accessories, clothes, and hats that suit you, and not necessarily the ones that look good on mannequins!