8 great summer time jewelry the latest fashions

8 great summer time jewelry the latest fashions

Popular trends in jewelery at this time? Summer time 2011 is about large and bold statement pieces, vibrant colors like aqua green turquoise to complement the summer time sky, and let us remember by way of thanking the ever-awesome Steven Tyler for returning feather ear-rings! Here, in no particular order, would be the top 8 jewelry the latest fashions for summer time 2017.

Summer time jewellery trend 1: Statement bracelets take center stage. The neck-line is among the most breathtaking areas on the lady. Get it done justice by putting on a elegant, draping statement necklace. Visualize a waterfall of colourful gems or pearls cascading down from the silver chain.

Summer time jewellery trend 2: Rings with jewelry. This summer time, your rings can not be too large, vibrant or bold. Whether you want round, oblong or square, costume cocktail rings are an easy way to create a colorful statement without emptying your wallet.

Summer time jewelry trend 3: Teardrop-formed ear-rings. Nothing states taste and sophistication like a set of teardrop ear-rings. They are classic and versatile, too-pair all of them with a set of faded bluejeans or together with your favorite party dress for any special balancing. To have an added little bit of glamour, choose some teardrops with a few sparkle. Cheers.

Summer time jewellery trend 4: Cabochon-style jewel jewellery. Like cocktail rings, bigger is much better if this involves Cabochon-style stone and jewel bracelets and bracelets. Choose Native American Indian-inspired pieces with large round or oblong sardonyx, agate and turquoise gems.

Summer time jewellery trend 5: The large 1980s have returned! Women still wish to have fun with plastic extra-large bracelets in neon pink, eco-friendly and orange. They are fun and economical, so hit the discount mall and obtain an armful!

Summer time jewellery trend 6: Fringe is within. The 80s aren’t the only real bygone era in style. Retro 60s and 70s-style fringe and tassels are stylish again, search? Remember Natalie Portman’s crimson fringe ear-rings in the Academy awards? You get the drift. Or go for some neck chocolate having a wavy tassel necklace.

Summer time jewellery trend 7: Feather ear-rings rock! Ever the fashion leader, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler reminded us how awesome feather ear-rings look floating on air and connected with lengthy hair. Also consider rocking feather clip-in hair add-ons. Hair flair!

Summer time jewelry trend 8: Your Grandparent’s jewelry. Talking about retro trends, old and romantic jewelry is certainly going through a rebirth. Revisit your grandparent’s jewelry box for pendants with photos, war medals with laces and ribbons and ethnic bracelets and bracelets in the old country.

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5 tips to follow in order to prevent hair loss problems

5 tips to follow in order to prevent hair loss problems

Your hair contributes a lot to your image and personal confidence so you must take good care of it. Unfortunately, a lot of people are really careless when it comes to their hair and they are wondering why they have hair loss problems later on. Keep in mind that you can avoid such issues if you put into practice a few simple tips and tricks. Also, if you have severe hair loss problems then you might want to consider hair replacement as well.

  • Eat healthy and don’t smoke. A balanced diet is essential for the health of your entire organism, not only for your hair. Make sure that you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits every day and you also take vitamins and supplements from time to time. These products contain the required minerals and nutrients which will make your hair long, beautiful and shiny. Also, remember to avoid smoking cigarettes as much as possible.
  • Work out at home. You don’t have to go to an expensive gym to get a work out. Nowadays you can buy a cheap rowing machine or treadmill and work out in the comfort of your own home!
  • Get rid of stress. If you are in a constantly stressed then sooner or later you will start to see their bad effects. You will become easily irritable, your health will be deteriorated and you will also start losing your hair as well. Try to relax more often by listening to your favorite music, going out with your friends, reading or taking spa massages.
  • Use professional hair products. Various types of shampoos and hair creams are excellent for your hair because they will fortify it and protect it against harmful external agents. Also, remember to wash your hair frequently because a dirty hair is more exposed to infections and fall as well.
  • Stay on the safe side. People who had head injuries caused by accidents (especially by car) are very likely to remain with scars on the skin of their head. In those skin areas, hair will never grow again and the image of these persons has to suffer. Make sure that you stay away from trouble and you will have a more enjoyable and fulfilled life!